Outside the Backdoor

Observing what can happen in your own garden even in suburbia!


Outside the Backdoor is a series of musings about my garden, its plants, wildlife and challenges.  Outside my backdoor in southwest London is a very average suburban garden that is anything but average!  About 100 feet long and 50 feet wide (in places!), we stretch towards the railway line which means we’re not overlooked – what a luxury in London!  We share the garden with three Norwegian Forest Cats which also poses a few logistical challenges.

Outside the Backdoor as a concept came into being when I needed to fill pages in my Parish Magazine (St Stephen’s Church, Hounslow) and I’ve now been producing a monthly column for ten years.  I’ve decided that it’s now time to share with the wider world – I hope you enjoy!

PS.  Fortunately my husband is a decent photographer so I’m able to rely on him capturing the seasons.

Garden winter overview

Winter overview of Outside the Backdoor

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